European bicycle market is exited about Lumini Nights modern bicycle lights for dark time of the day

In the dark period, the company Lumini Nights based in Riga, Latvia has come up with a stylish and functional product -  glow in the dark tape with ultraviolet lights for bicycle rims that illuminates them during the evening and night hours.

The innovative concept combines an original and neat design, and also ensures the safety of cyclists in the city and beyond. This type of concept is first in Europe!

The new product is suitable for virtually any bike and is one of the first steps in the "Lumini Nights" Safe Lifestyle Movement project, which has to be implemented in the long term with the aim of bringing together like-minded green and active lifestyle enthusiasts around the world.

Glow in the dark technology is based on the luminescence that comes with ultraviolet light, so the Lumini Nights package also includes UV LED lights to improve the light intensity. Owners of the glow in the dark set, can easily install it on their bicycles at home.

The bicycle adjustment process is as simple as possible – the tape is attached to the cleaned wheel rims, pressed firmly onto the surface and ultraviolet lights is attached to the bicycle fork and frame, two on each side.

The tape made of safety marking material is white during the day, in dark it is electro green - it becomes visible to motorists and pedestrians from a distance.

Lumini Nights brand was established in spring 2018 and the team consists of seven professionals who are actively involved in cycling, green movements and charity.

The idea of a durable and tasteful glow in the dark design started two years ago, when entrepreneurs realized that there was a deficit of bicycle accessories in the market, which not only gives the aesthetic accents, but also helps to improve safety on roads for a reasonable price.

In view of the rapidly growing number of road accidents in the dark time of the day, the idea of new concept quickly gained recognition from people and the product launch in the market was started.

Founders of Lumini Nights, brothers Kristers and Kaspars Gulbji say that after very good start at local market Lumini Nights now are ready to enter bicycle market in Europe where safety is first all year around!

While the bicycle brothers themselves move through the city every day, the question of safety in the dark has always been a hot topic for them.

Brothers predict that this modern night technology will appeal to both young people and adults as a connecting element for cyclists - it will create a good sense of community and emphasize the importance of safe mobility throughout the year.

"We are promoting a green, active, safe and healthy lifestyle and we break through myths that safety-enhancing accessories can not be stylish" said Kristers and Kaspars Gulbji.

At the moment Lumini Nights glow in the dark bicycle sets are available at the Lumini Nights Shop on Matīsa Street 51, Riga, Latvia, e-shop or writing to email [email protected]. Soon it will be available at bicycle shops and e-shops all around European countries.

The range of branded products will soon be supplemented with other innovative technologies for dark time of the day.

Various safe lifestyle campaigns and collaboration are also planned, with the forces being combined with other domestic and foreign companies and brands on behalf of the common goal - Safe Lifestyle.

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