Can I put it on my bike?

You can put this kit on most bicycles. Some exceptions are bicycles with a very large fork diameter on which lights can be attached. Please see the Lumini Nights section. Possible places for installing bicycle lights are given in the section.

Do brakes pads damage the tape surface?

If the edge of the disc is occupied by the braking area, the tape can be sticked to the inside of the rim. When sticking the tape to the rim where the brakes are touched, it is not recommended as the tape will be damaged. Make sure that the width of the rim is not less than 7 millimeters.

Can the tape be sticked to the tires?

It should not be sticked on the tires as the sticky part of the tape will not hold on the rubber. It is designed for smooth, hard surfaces.

Can the tape be sticked on a dirty surface?

Under no circumstances  tape shouldn't be sticked to a dirty surface as it will not stick to the surface.

How long does it take tape to cure to the surface?

The recommended time is 24h after sticking, so that the tape sticks properly to the surface.

Can wet driving be done immediately after sticking?

Immediately after sticking, do not ride in wet conditions, as moisture is detrimental to the sticking process.

What color is the tape during the day?

The tape is white.

How Long Do Lights work?

The length of the lights running time depends on the selected mode. Choosing a permanent mode, running time duration is up to 50 hours. Selecting a flashing mode it is up to 90 hours.

What to do if the light remains dim?

Replace the batteries in the lights and clean the light lense.

What to do to keep the lights shining longer?

Lights will shine longer if you choose a flashing  mode.


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